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Attendees and speakers at the 2014 PGS Symposium


PGS poster session

PGS poster session

BTI supports graduate students, postdoctoral researchers and technicians in sharpening their research, communication and networking skills, to gain an edge in today’s competitive job market. The Postgraduate Society (PGS) seeks to promote professional development, foster a sense of community and facilitate communication throughout BTI. The PGS, working with the former Vice President for Research Karen Kindle, held a variety of events in 2014, including seminars, informal chalk talks and an industry site visit to Monsanto Company in Mystic, Connecticut. Members of PGS spoke with head scientists, toured the greenhouses and participated in a panel discussion about working in industry. All of these activities give upcoming researchers an opportunity to talk about their work, forge new connections and gain a broader perspective of the plant science field.


PGS Seminars and Career Development Workshops in 2014

Richard Amasino, Professor of biochemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Memories of winter: vernalization and the competence to flower.”

Sir David Baulcombe, Professor of plant science at the University of Cambridge, “When genomes meet: how RNA silencing and epigenetics can generate extraordinary phenotypes of hybrid plants.”

Mathis Wackernagel, Executive Director, “The Global Footprint Network.”

Susannah Gal, Professor of biological sciences at Binghamton University, “Grant writing and the NSF process.”

Bruce Lewenstein, Chair of the science and technology studies department at Cornell University, “Science public communication.”

Richard Pattison, Assistant Editor of Nature Communications, “How to get published in Nature Communications: Demystifying the editorial process at Nature journals.”

Emma Granqvist, Elsevier, and John Ramsey, BTI PGS

Emma Granqvist, Elsevier, and John Ramsey, BTI PGS

Emma Granqvist, Publisher for plant sciences at Elsevier, “How to become a good reviewer.”

Daniel Klessig, BTI Professor and Paul Debbie, BTI Director of Technology Transfer and Licensing, “Technology Transfer.”

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