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Why Plant Research?

Boyce Thompson Institute Education Outreach hosts students and interns to learn more about plant science, biofuel production, epigenetics and more. Learn more about the summer internship opportunities for high school and undergraduate, about BTI’s mission, and why plant science is important to the future of the planet. Find out more about teacher training here…applications are due in March 2014 for summer opportunities!


Cilia Lab featured in Cornell Chronicle article re. citrus-greening research


BTI and collaborators launch Nicotiana benthamiana web site for researchers


BTI named one of 2014 Best Companies to Work For in New York State



DELLA proteins regulate arbuscule formation in mycorrhizal symbiosis


Monday Morning Seminar, Apr. 21
BTI Auditorium, 533 Tower Road
9 am: Noe Fernandez (Mueller Lab):
“The SGN VIGS Tool: User-friendly software to optimize virus-induced gene silencing (VIGS) constructs for functional genomics”
9:30 am: Shih-Chi Hsu (Stern Lab):
“Engineering Chlamydomonas reinhardtii for biofuel production”