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Postgraduates host Annual BTI Symposium, Sept. 25

Speakers will include Dr. Frank Schroeder, postdocs Daniela Floss and Patricia Manosalva, Dr. Robert Granados and Dr. Maureen Hanson (from Cornell), and discussion of postgraduate training and education with Dr. David Stern and Dr. Eric Richards

NABC conference, Oct 8 & 9, ‘DNA editing biotechnology’

The 26th NABC Conference on the theme of "New DNA Editing Approaches: Methods, Applications, and Policy for Agriculture” will convene in the Biotechnology Building on the Cornell campus on October 8 & 9.

BTI Tomato & Fruit Biology group awarded USDA Secretary of Agriculture Honor

BTI researchers led team that pioneered international tomato gene sequencing and genetic basis of fruit ripening

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