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BTI 90th Celebration

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research welcomed guests, staff, alumni, and colleagues to celebrate the 90th Anniversary on November 13 and 14, 2015 Read More

Former BTI faculty member, Karl Maramorosch, turns 100

Karl Maramorosch, a former BTI scientist, pioneer in insect cell culture and winner of the Wolf Prize in Agriculture, became a centenarian this past month. Read More

All’s fair in love and war (on insects)

Patricia Pinheiro was drawn to the study of insects like a moth to flame. As a grad student in the Cornell Entomology Department and Assistant Professor Michelle Cilia's lab, Pinheiro studies insects that feed on plants and transmit pathogens. Read More

BTI Grant Managers help researchers excel

The grant managers are integral to the success of BTI's mission to advance knowledge in plant biology to improve agriculture, protect the environment, and enhance human health. Read More

Cilia lab at international citrus greening conference

Assistant Professor Michelle Cilia and four members of her lab attended the International Conference for Huanglongbing. They joined hundreds of other researchers in Orlando, Fla. Feb. 9-13, to present their research on this disease. Read More

BTI at Plant & Animal Genome Conference

BTI researchers attended, presented and led workshops at 23rd Annual Plant Animal Genome Conference (PAG) 2015 in San Diego. Read More

Transatlantic collaboration builds a better database

"Biology is becoming a data science," said Ruiz. "Biologists need to learn to use bioinformatics tools." Read More

Lukas Mueller: Ace of Bases

The Yambase database will allow users to access the yam genome browser hosted by the Iwate Biotechnology Research Center in Japan and will house information about desirable yam characteristics and tools for breeders. Read More

New equipment opens up ‘mass’ive possibilities

BTI acquires new mass spectrometer with funds from a generous 1.4 million dollar grant from the Triad Foundation. “We are delighted to assist BTI in acquiring this state of the art research tool," said Triad President and Chairman Roy H. Park Jr. Read More

Internship applications for 2015 being reviewed now

BTI hosts nearly 30 interns every summer, at both the undergraduate and high school level, for 10 and six weeks, respectively, for paid high-level plant science research work in Plant Genome Research, Bioinformatics, and Bioenergy Education Read More

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