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Potato plants trigger aboveground defenses in response to tuber attacks

Mimicking the effects of a Guatemalan tuber moth infestation in agricultural fields could increase potato yield and reduce pest damage. Read More

BTI researcher elected to National Academy of Sciences

Jim Giovannoni, BTI professor, USDA-ARS research molecular biologist and Cornell University adjunct professor, is recognized by the National Academy of Sciences for his significant contributions to plant science. Read More

Peter Cornelius of AlpInvest Partners joins BTI board

Cornelius, an expert in governance, global economic development and investing, will work closely with BTI's Technology Transfer Office. Read More

Intern anniversary series: Richard Craig

Craig is finishing up his B.S. in biological engineering and has plans to pursue a Ph.D. and conduct translational research. Read More

Boyce Thompson Center update: BTI exhibit and fall opening

The transformation of the former Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) building at 1086 N. Broadway in Yonkers, NY is well under way. Read More

Intern anniversary series: Shannon Murphy

Murphy will complete her bachelor’s degree in biochemistry in May 2016 and will start her Ph.D. in microbiology at Cornell University in the fall. Read More

How BTI celebrates Earth Day

An important part of BTI's mission is to advance scientific knowledge to protect the environment. Here are a few of the current projects at BTI that work to achieve that mission. Read More

Klessig’s research featured by Parkinson’s Disease Foundation

The Spring 2016 issue of the Parkinson's Disease Foundation newsletter featured recent work by Dan Klessig. The newsletter highlighted his recent PLOS ONE paper on salicylic acid and human GAPDH. Read More

Intern anniversary series: Hussain Ather

Ather is working towards his undergraduate degree in both physics and philosophy, with plans to pursue higher degrees in philosophy and computational neuroscience. Read More

Intern anniversary series: Kaitlin McNally

McNally has finished her masters degree in plant science and is now pursuing her Ph.D. in plant-pathogen interactions at the University of Zurich. Read More

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