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Extra DNA creates cucumber with all-female flowers

Researchers discover the genetics behind high-yield cucumbers that bear all-female flowers by screening 115 genome sequences to find large chromosomal variations. Read More

Why rice can’t get along with its neighbors

A new compound could make rice more weed-resistant. Researchers in the Jander laboratory first discovered b-tyrosine while looking for new defense compounds in rice. Read More

Professor Jander comments on citrus greening research

EPA has granted temporary approval of two genes from spinach to be used in citrus plants. "There is a critical need to go beyond citrus to find novel resistance genes that provide protection..." Read More

Yet another impressive ‘stunt’ for salicylic acid

New research from the laboratory of BTI Professor Daniel Klessig finds that salicylic acid, or SA, plays a role in resistance to tomato bushy stunt virus or TBSV by blocking viral replication. Read More

BTI hosts Flash Science! speaking competition

BTI Professor Emeritus Robert Kohut initiates competition at BTI to give early-career scientists an opportunity to communicate with the general public and practice their “elevator speech.” Read More

Planting a Passion for Research

Marshall Tyler nominated Maria Harrison for the 2015 Cornell University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Award. Read More

18.5 million grant will help bring genomic technology to small farmers

BTI Professor Lukas Mueller will participate in an international collaboration to expedite crop breeding for five worldwide staple crops—wheat, rice, maize, sorghum and chickpea. Read More

BTI hosts “Genetic Freaks” workshop at girls’ science event

Postgraduate Society members at BTI host EYH (Expanding your Horizon) workshop to help girls understand genetics and feel more comfortable in the world of science. Read More

Stern visits Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Chandler Gilbert Community College

BTI President and CEO David Stern visited Arizona April 14-16 to attend the Boyce Thompson Arboretum board meeting and to speak about algae-derived bioproducts and his own algal biofuel research, at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Read More

Ammonium transporter saves plant-fungal symbiosis, when nutrients run low

The discovery of the role of this ammonium transporter improves the understanding of how the plant and fungal partners regulate the symbiosis and how phosphate and nitrogen move through the system. Read More

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