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Of Spray Paint and Plant Stress

Klaus Apel's work is a step in understanding how plants respond to stress...singlet oxygen doesn't deserve its bad reputation for wrecking cells and killing the plant. Read More

President Stern promotes funding for plant research in DC

BTI President David Stern traveled to Washington D.C. last week to advocate for increased federal support for plant research for the 2016 fiscal year; Unleashing a Decade of Innovation in Plant Science. Read More

ART@BTI features photos of Nancy Ridenour

ART@BTI features Nancy Ridenour's photography. Public invited to reception on Thursday, April 23, 5-7 PM Read More

Eaglesham bridges BTI & both Cambridges

James Eaglesham began his career as an intern at BTI, and heads to the University of Cambridge, England as a Churchill scholar for pathology research. When back in US, Eaglesham will pursue his doctorate in virology at Harvard, in Cambridge, MA. Read More

Liz Brauer wins Barbara McClintock Award

Liz Brauer, a graduate researcher in the laboratory of Assistant Professor Sorina Popescu and a student in the plant pathology and plant-microbe biology section at Cornell University, received the 2015 Barbara McClintock Award. Read More

BTI’s first FLASH SCIENCE! speaking competition

You are confident you can discuss and defend your research with your graduate committee or any PhD scientist on campus. However, can you explain your research to a non-scientist? Prizes offered in BTI's first speaking contest! Read More

BTI Teachers present at Emerging Researchers National Conference

Two attendees of BTI's summer teacher workshops travelled to the Emerging Researchers National Conference in STEM to present an algal photobioreactor laboratory, designed in BTI labs, for community college and middle school science students Read More

BTI 90th Celebration

Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research welcomed guests, staff, alumni, and colleagues to celebrate the 90th Anniversary on November 13 and 14, 2015 Read More

Former BTI faculty member, Karl Maramorosch, turns 100

Karl Maramorosch, a former BTI scientist, pioneer in insect cell culture and winner of the Wolf Prize in Agriculture, became a centenarian this past month. Read More

All’s fair in love and war (on insects)

Patricia Pinheiro was drawn to the study of insects like a moth to flame. As a grad student in the Cornell Entomology Department and Assistant Professor Michelle Cilia's lab, Pinheiro studies insects that feed on plants and transmit pathogens. Read More

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