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Van Eck gives insight into genetic engineering to Cornell students

Students in Cornell University’s course, The GMO Debate: Science and Society, visited a genetic engineering laboratory at Boyce Thompson Institute, courtesy of Assistant Professor Joyce Van Eck and postdoctoral researcher Alex Amaro, Stern Lab. Read More

Invisible viruses in everyday food

Most people get a daily dose of virus in the form of plant or insect viruses that are harmless to humans. Consuming the occasional plant or insect virus should be the least of our worries. Read More

2015 Science symposium centers on sustainability

The Boyce Thompson Institute gathered on Sept. 24 for its annual symposium to hear talks with the theme: Envisioning Our Role in Agricultural and Ecological Sustainability. Read More

New cases of citrus greening disease emphasize dire need for solutions

The detection of 10 new citrus greening disease cases in California citrus trees weighed heavily on attendees of a recent citrus greening research meeting. Read More

Cornell Nanoscale Facility seeks collaborations for nano-agriculture

The Cornell Nanoscale Facility would like to expand their collaborations with plant scientists. Read More

Scientists unravel root cause of plant twists and turns

BTI researchers Harrison and Floss collaborate with Cornell physicists to understand how roots grow around barriers in the soil, while still heading down. Read More

New study provides key insights into aspirin’s disease-fighting abilities

Researchers have found that salicylic acid targets the activities of HMGB1, an inflammatory protein associated with a wide variety of diseases, offering hope that more powerful aspirin-like drugs may be developed. Read More

Kochian named to Agricultural Research Service Science Hall of Fame

In recognition of his significant contribution to the understanding of crop mineral nutrition, Leon V. Kochian was honored today at the ARS National Agricultural Library. Read More

Hartz plans to keep BTI and Ithaca sustainable

Hartz serves on the BTI Board of Directors where he advises and oversees the financial and administrative aspects of BTI. He also acts informally as an Ithaca representative, maintaining the strong connection between BTI and the local community.
Read More

Cairo Archer wants to level the growing field

“There is such a disconnect between what the average person knows about plant science and what we do in the lab here...I think it’s really important to be able to talk to anyone about what I do in a way that they understand.” Read More

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