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Chemicals from parasitic worms boost plant immunity

When plants detect pheromones given off by nematode worms, they activate their immune system for protection. The chemical warning not only triggers defenses against nematodes, but also against bacterial, fungal and viral infection. Read More

Dilworth becomes first VP for Gender Equality at OIST

In her new position, Dilworth aims to increase the representation and advancement of women at all levels in the university and to create a work environment free of gender-based biases. Read More

Faculty position opening

BTI, an independent research institute on the Cornell University campus, invites applications for a tenure-track position at the Assistant Professor level. Read More

From haybales to biotech and back

Summer intern Tawny Middleton grew up on a hay farm in Colorado and plans to make her way back to the fields, by way of a career in plant biotechnology. Read More

Plant breeding initiative kicks off with new space at BTI

BTI officially unveils new state-of-the art facility for bioinformatics project. Read More

BTI welcomes new teaching lab coordinator

Becky Sims will coordinate the teacher training institutes, develop and ship plant science experiment kits to classrooms nationwide and provide support for the Tompkins Cortland Community College biology courses taught at BTI. Read More

Groundbreaking News: Former home of BTI to undergo renovation

Professor Emeritus Alan Renwick attended the groundbreaking ceremony and spoke with the developer about the original BTI building’s history in Yonkers. Read More

Plant experts discuss new seeds and old seed catalogs

Professor James Giovannoni, "There’s a great deal of diversity that’s still available from these varieties that potentially have a lot of useful traits, including tolerance to stresses and important fruit traits.” Read More

Scientists find new tool for pathogen to pillage plants

“The more we understand the molecular mechanisms involved in the infection process and in plant resistance, the more effective we’re going to be in breeding resistant crops,” said Professor Greg Martin. Read More

The perks of being a mentor

Summer internships at BTI let students try on the life of a scientist for a few months, while attending a variety of talks, trainings and social events. But what’s in it for the mentors, who painstakingly train them? Read More

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