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And the winners are…

BTI announces the winning proposals submitted to the Triad Foundation’s Plants and Human Health grant program. Read More

New teachers get a jump on lesson planning from BTI workshop

Early career teachers get an introduction to BTI's inquiry-based STEM activities at the Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers. Read More

Board chair Laura Philips makes an impact at BTI

Laura Philips, the CEO and co-founder of Spheryx Inc., brings her science background, business acumen and enthusiasm to BTI board. Read More

Researchers uncover core set of genes for plant-fungal symbiosis

BTI researchers used a genome comparison approach to identify genes necessary for beneficial plant-fungal relationships, which may lead to better crop plants that require less fertilizer input. Read More

BTI scientists flock to annual Plant & Animal Genome Conference

BTI researchers will present current research on the Sol Genomics Network, using CRISPR to edit genomes, the whitefly genome and others. Read More

Education and Outreach sends out packages for good little students

Kits put together by Education and Outreach provide materials to enrich STEM classrooms. Read More

Favorite discoveries from 2015

2015 was an exciting year for BTI. Here are just a few of our scientific discoveries from the past year. Read More

Aphids balance their diets by rebuilding plant amino acids

Aphids thrive on a high-sugar diet, thanks to bacterial partners that help them breakdown plant sap and build essential amino acids from scratch. Read More

Rigas steps down as VP of development and communications

BTI thanks Rigas for her transformative work in communicating the institute's scientific mission and wishes her well in her next endeavor. Read More

Harrison receives grant for phosphate biosensor research

Fluorescent proteins will allow researchers to track phosphate movement through cells in real time. Read More

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