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A new method for studying plant-germ warfare

Researchers in the Martin lab develop a new technique to study the arms race between plants and the bacteria that infect them. Read More

New ventures: Jacqueline Heard joins BTI Boards

Drawing on her background in plant pathology and biotechnology, Heard advises agricultural startups, with the goal of launching companies that will bring new innovations to agriculture. Read More

BTI says goodbye to Klaus Apel

Apel will end his five-decade career in plant science and return to Europe to enjoy his well deserved retirement. Read More

2016 BTI Science Symposium: The future of plants in a changing environment

The recent Symposium explored plant science topics including molecular biology, atmospheric sciences, plant breeding and soil and crop sciences. Read More

Frank Schroeder selected for HHMI Faculty Scholars Program

The five-year grant is given to innovative, early career scientists to support high-risk research with the potential to make significant contributions to the field. Read More

Citrus greening pathogen has gut-wrenching effect on insect vector

A new paper from the Cilia lab reports that the Asian citrus psyllid mounts an immune response against the bacterium that causes citrus greening disease - a discovery that may be useful for developing a treatment against the devastating epidemic. Read More

Collaboration to identify new sources of disease resistance in tomato

Professor Greg Martin and colleagues received an NSF grant to pursue research into resistance against bacterial speck disease in tomatoes. Read More

SolGenomics meeting has newest advances in nightshades

Many BTI researchers will present their latest research at the 13th annual SolGenomics Conference, Sept. 12-16 in Davis, California. Read More

New system in tomato’s defense against bacterial speck disease

Researchers at BTI and Virginia Tech find a new bacterial detector in tomatoes that could help other crop plants to be more disease resistant. Read More

Kira Sheinerman invests in BTI’s future

A longtime board member, Sheinerman has used her background in science and investment banking to help BTI evolve and grow. Read More

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