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PGS discusses careers in science policy with Lewis-Burke

Science policy work is just one of the ways that Ph.D.s can use their training and passion for science to benefit the public Read More

Genetic changes in tomatoes may help crops produce early and often

Cultivating a disregard for day length enabled humans to introduce tomatoes to the Mediterranean region. Read More

GOBII releases open-source tools for faster plant breeding

New molecular breeding tools already in use to improve disease resistance in African corn crops. Read More

VirusDetect: a new pipeline for virus identification

The Fei lab releases VirusDetect, an automated bioinformatics pipeline that efficiently detects viruses and viroids from large-scale, small RNA datasets.
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Citrus-growing regions face different pressures

In the fight against citrus greening disease, growers in Florida and California are using different strategies to protect their farms–and the entire industry–from this devastating bacterial infection. Read More

‘New Visions’ of food security from Cassandra Proctor

The BTI intern and first-year plant science major at Cornell University is excited to use any means necessary to increase global access to abundant, high quality food. Read More

PGS engages board for career advice

A new mentorship program will match young researchers with members of the BTI committee for outside advice on diverse scientific careers. Read More

Going back to BTI’s roots: A history of Hormodin

Rooting powders, commonly used by growers and home gardeners, had their beginnings in the labs of BTI in the 1930s. Read More

Researchers identify genes for “Help Me!” aromas from corn

Insect damage triggers volatile compounds that attract caterpillar-killing wasps.
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A new method for studying plant-germ warfare

Researchers in the Martin lab develop a new technique to study the arms race between plants and the bacteria that infect them. Read More

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