Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
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BTI Committees

Permanent Internal Committees

Benefit Plan Committee
Jane Calder, Chair
Donna Claes, Secretary
Joan Curtiss
Gary Blissard
Sophia Darling
Dan Klessig
Bob Kohut

Education, Outreach and Training
Joyce Van Eck, Chair
Tiffany Fleming
Amber Hotto
Georg Jander
Sorina Popescu
Frank Schroeder

Equipment and Fellowship Committee
Maria Harrison, Chair
Georg Jander
Lukas Mueller
Sorina Popescu

Information Technologies Committee
Joan Curtiss, Chair
Zhangjun Fei
Joe Mathieu
Lukas Mueller
Elaine Van Etten (ex officio)

Senior Leadership Team
David Stern
Eric Richards
Joan Curtiss
Sophia Darling
Bridget Rigas Garzon

Management Team
Brian Bell
Jane Calder
Paul Debbie
Patti Fitzpatrick
Tiffany Fleming
Donald Slocum
Elaine Van Etten

Peer Evaluation Committee
Eric Richards (Chair)
Klaus Apel (2012-2013) (Pres. Appointee)
Greg Martin (2011-2012) (Elected)

Plant Growth Facilities Committee
Greg Martin, Chair
Brian Bell (ex officio)
Dan Klessig
Joyce Van Eck

Safety Committee
Brian Bell
Joan Curtiss
Sophia Darling
Frank Schroeder
Don Slocum

Laboratory Representatives:
Apel Laboratory – Xia Xu
Blissard Laboratory – Yun Ru Chen
Catala Laboratory – Richard Pattison
Giovannoni Laboratory – Ruth White / Ryan McQuinn
Greenhouse Facility – Brian Bell
Harrison Laboratory – Hee-Jin Park
Jander Laboratory – Meen Harival
Klessig Laboratory – Magali Moreau
Martin Laboratory – Diane Dunham
Popescu Laboratory – Mauricio Calvino
Richards Laboratory – Erika Hughes
Schroeder Laboratory – Joshua Bacile
Stern Laboratory – Stephen Campbell
Stockroom – Doug Carruthers
Teaching Laboratory – Shawn Kenaley
Van Eck Laboratory – Kaitlin Pidgeon

Committee membership is reviewed annually in November for January appointment.

Non-managed Committees (Does not include ad hoc committees)
These committees should be self-renewing; they are responsible for their own succession. The Corporate Secretary will request a list of current membership once per year.

Internal Seminar Committee
Carmen Catala, Chair
Klaus Apel
Paul Debbie
Nigel Gapper
Sarah Hind
Anuradha Pujar
Suzy Strickler
Haiyi Wang

Fun Committee
Lesley Middleton
Kelli Monce
Erika Hughes
Amy Yanosh