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Linking teachers and scientists to enrich student learning, BTI Education and Outreach offers professional development for teachers at middle and high schools, and community colleges in New York state and across the country. Discover how BTI’s research and resources can be integrated into your classroom!

Summer Institute for Teachers

  • The Annual Curriculum Development Projects in Plant Biology program brings together educators for an immersive week to discover the latest plant research, test and develop project-based student labs, and join a collaborative network of BTI alumni teachers.

Workshops for Teachers

  • Held at BTI and beyond, workshops introduce teachers to new science and help prepare educators for implementing plant-based inquiry labs. Education and Outreach staff collaborate with BTI faculty to offer workshops on topics such as: Algae to Energy, Plant-Insect Interactions, Virus Biology, and more.

Classroom Support for Teachers

  • BTI supports alumni from teacher institutes and workshops with classroom resources to enhance the student learning experience, participate in citizen science projects, and develop new project-based lessons based on BTI science.



Teacher programs are funded by the National Science Foundation, individual faculty grants, and the generosity of private donors.

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