Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
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Dr. Klaus Apel
Understanding how plants sense and respond to stress at the genetic level

Dr. Gary Blissard
Understanding how viruses infect insects

Dr. Carmen Catala
Understanding how plant hormones control fruit development

Dr. Michelle Cilia
Understanding how viruses commandeer plants and insects to promote their own transmission

Dr. Zhangjun Fei
Understanding how scientists access and use massive amounts of plant genomics data

Dr. Jim Giovannoni
Understanding the genetic basis of fruit development and ripening

Dr. Maria Harrison
Understanding how soil fungi supply plants with mineral nutrients

Dr. Georg Jander
Understanding how plants defend themselves against insect herbivory

Dr. Dan Klessig
Understanding how plants acquire immunity to disease

Dr. Gregory Martin
Understanding how bacterial pathogens undermine and also activate the plant immune system

Dr. Lukas Mueller
Understanding how researchers will store and retrieve scientific information in the future

Dr. George Popescu
Using computational approaches to study biological networks and processes in order to understand evolution and dynamics at the molecular and cellular levels

Dr. Sorina Popescu
Understanding how plants sense their environments

Dr. Eric Richards
Understanding different aspects of epigenetics

Dr. Frank C. Schroeder
Understanding how biogenic small molecules control development and aging

Dr. David Stern
Understanding how plants coordinate genes in different compartments

Dr. Joyce Van Eck
Applying the techniques of genetics and biotechnology to plant research

Professors Emeriti

Adjunct Faculty