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The mission of the BTI Postgraduate Society (PGS)  is to promote professional development, foster a sense of community, facilitate communication and ensure the representation of postdoctoral associates, graduate students, and technicians at BTI.

The PGS carries out its mission by providing opportunities for the BTI community to interact scientifically and socially and by organizing events that specifically contribute to the professional development of young scientists. Events organized by the PGS are listed below.

Distinguished Lectures

PGS members organize this lecture followed by a happy hour one or two times each year. We invite top tier scientists from around the world to speak at BTI. This event is open to the entire BTI community as well as anyone interested in the invited speaker’s work.

Annual BTI Science Symposium

The Annual PGS Symposium (formerly known as the BTI Retreat) provides the BTI community with an all day event that includes scientific seminars, a PGS poster session, and opportunities to socialize among attendees. This major event focuses on a specific theme each year and is open to all BTI members: students, postdoctoral researchers, scientific staff and faculty, and all support staff.

PGS-sponsored seminars and PGS Fests

PGS Fests cultivate scientific and social interaction while building a sense of community within BTI. Scientific seminars highlight current research by scientists working locally at Cornell and elsewhere in Central New York State, or in the general Northeast region of the US. A subsequent happy hour provides a casual atmosphere to socialize and discuss scientific research.

PGS Journal Club

The PGS Journal Club offers all BTI graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and technicians with an informal opportunity to present a publication of their choice. During this afternoon event, discussion and critique of the publication is encouraged. The PGS Journal Club is intended to foster critical thinking and create an environment to learn from recent and past publications.

Career Perspectives Seminar Series

The biannual Career Perspectives Seminar Series or Career Day exposes postdoctoral associates, students and technicians to diverse career opportunities open to people with a background in science. Participants are encouraged to attend a lunch with the seminar speakers. Past seminars have featured members of the BTI Board and other professionals.

Professional Development Series

The Professional Development Series provides students and postdoctoral associates with lunchtime seminars that aim to strengthen specific skills necessary for career advancement. These seminars may focus on resume development, academic and non-academic career paths in science, and provide general opportunities to learn about new techniques that may enhance current research projects.

The PGS serves all postgraduates who work in BTI, including technicians, postdoctoral associates and graduate students.

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