Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
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Collaborations & Consulting

Trait or Platform Scientist Research Area Collaborating and Consulting Opportunities Patents
Abiotic StressKlaus ApelRole of singlet oxygen in abiotic stressGenes that may confer resistance to reactive oxygen species (cold, heat, drought, pollutants)View
Biotic Stress - NematodesFrank C. SchroederRole of endogenous small molecules in the model nematodeIdentification of potential nematode control molecules for plants and animalsView
Biotic stress- DiseaseDan KlessigRoles of salicylic acid in immunity

Characterization of multiple signaling components in immunity
Biotic stress- DiseaseGregory MartinHow bacteria infect plants and how the plant immune system operatesEngineering plant disease resistance: effector-triggered immunity and basal immunityView
Biotic stress- DiseaseSorina PopescuFunction and control of signaling pathways of the plant immune systemRole of cell signaling and genetic engineering of basal immunity/non-host resistance
Biotic Stress- InsectGary BlissardGenetic basis of infection by baculovirusesInsect cell lines for protein/vaccine production or diagnostic assaysView
Biotic stress- Insect, DiseaseGeorg JanderGenetic approaches to plant-insect interactionsView
Enabling Technology - ProteomicsSorina PopescuArray-based functional protein assaysArray-based functional protein assays (e.g. protein interactions, kinase substrates, small molecule binding)
Enabling Technology - TransformationJoyce Van EckStable transformation of crop and model species
  • Service: Creating transgenics in tomato or monocot models to demonstrate gene efficacy
  • Collaboration: Plant transformation system development and improvement
  • Consulting: Transferring technology to enable transformation in C3 or C4 models
  • Collaboration or Licensing: Manipulation of plastid maturation and carotenoid biosynthesis to increase beta-carotene accumulation
Enabling Technology - BioEnergyDavid SternRegulation of RUBISCO assemblyAssembly of Rubisco to enable enzyme engineering
Enabling Technology - BioinformaticsLukas MuellerSolanaceae Genomics NetworkDatabases to integrate, explore, and analyze large scale genomics datasets
Enabling Technology - BioinformaticsZhangjun FeiComputational tools and databases to analyze and integrate large scale "omics" datasetsComputational tools and databases
Enabling Technology - Cell LinesGary BlissardIsolation of insect cell lines for viral propagation/protein productionInsect cell lines for protein/vaccine production or diagnostic assayView
Enabling Technology - EpigeneticsEric RichardsEpigenetics, plant nuclear organizationThe role of epigenetics in position effect and transgene expression stability Inherited epigenetic variation in breeding programsView
Enabling Technology- MetabolomicsFrank C. SchroederStructure and biological function of biogenic small molecules (signaling molecules, natural products)View
YieldCarmen CatalaRole of auxin in fruit developmen
  • Role of auxin in tomato quality, processing, and yield
  • Role of auxin in cell wall restructuring
YieldJim GiovannoniGenetic basis of fruit ripening
  • Genetic control of fruit quality and ripening
  • Genomic and epigenomic sequencing
YieldMaria HarrisonThe Arbuscular Mycorrhizal symbiosis and plant phosphate nutritionImproving nutrient acquisition by modulating the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal symbiosisView
YieldDavid SternRegulation of chloroplast photosynthetic genes at the RNA levelChloroplast engineering for trait manipulation
Quality - NutritionJoyce Van EckNutrient accumulation in crop plants (beta-carotene)Manipulation of plastid maturation and carotenoid biosynthesis to increase beta-carotene accumulationView